Helping everyone be a GOTV advocate

We are a few progressive individuals who believe voter turnout will be key to Democratic success in the November 2020 elections. We haven’t yet figured out a better way to Get Out The Vote than anyone else has, though we hope to — or we hope you will.

We have figured out how to assemble public information about the 62 million eligible but non-voting Democrats across America. And — with the help of the nonprofit Our Voice USA — we’ve figured out how to make that data widely available on a free app called HelloVoter.

We’re offering the data at a fraction of its usual cost to anyone who’ll use it to help register the unregistered and motivate the unmotivated wherever, whenever and (within legal limits) however they can. By democratizing the voter data and canvassing technology, we hope to find ways to involve every progressive American in the fight for the future.

If not now, when…?

Karthik Balasubramanian
Assistant Professor
Howard University
Washington, DC

David Simon
Washington, DC

David Arfin
New York, NY