If you have innovative GOTV ideas,
we have the data to drive them!

Energize Voters is dedicated to raising voter turnout among Democratic voters — however that can be done.

There are 34 million unregistered Democratic voters and 28 million registered but non-voting Democrats nationwide. Mobilizing even a small fraction of these people to vote next November could decide elections everywhere.

These are the people who can have the most impact in November 2020 and should be the laser-focus of every GOTV campaign between now and then.

We know who these potential voters are, where they live, whom they live with, and quite a bit more about each of them.

We’ve mapped them in “turfs” for convenient canvassing, leafletting, direct-mailing, etc. We’ve loaded their data onto an open-source CRM platform and free canvassing app so we can keep track of them.

We just don’t know how to get them to vote.

How You Can Help Us

That’s where you come in. If you have a proposal for using any or all of that voter information in a way that will encourage and enhance political engagement and participation among those 62 million potential Democratic voters, we want to hear about your ideas.

We’ll supply the data at a fraction of its usual cost, help you pilot your ideas, and support and track your efforts with the HelloVoter CRM platform (if you don’t have your own). If they work, we’ll help you scale them as broadly as they can be effective.

How Can We Help You?

Please complete the following form to help us understand how you propose to use our voter data. We will review your proposal and respond as quickly as we can — possibly with questions by email or to request a follow-up phone call.

Energize Voters is committed to supporting progressive causes, and it reserves the sole right and complete discretion to decline to supply voter data to any person or organization that it deems unsuitable.

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