There are 62 million eligible but non-voting Democrats in America.

Some of them are your relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers, fellow congregants, bus drivers, teachers, and teammates.

Getting just 3% of these people to vote could decide elections everywhere.

Using our nationwide voter data and free canvassing resources, every progressive American can take an active role in 2020.


With our free DemFinder GOTV app, every progressive person in America can play an active role in getting some of the 62 million unregistered and non-voting Democrats out to vote in November 2020.


Let us support your group’s GOTV campaign with national voter data, an easy-to-use canvassing app, and an administrative platform that tracks your team’s efforts — all at no or low cost.


If you have ideas for using the national voter file to encourage political participation among the 62 million unregistered and non-voting Democrats, we want to hear about them!