Pitch in whenever you can,

wherever you want to!

There are 62 million unregistered or non-voting Democrats in America. Getting even a small fraction of these people to vote in November 2020 will have a huge impact on elections at all levels everywhere.

With our free DemFinder GOTV app, every progressive person in America can play an active role in getting these millions of Democrats out to vote.

We know who these 62 million potential voters are from public records. Some of them are your relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers, teahers, acquaintances, customers, bus drivers fellow congregants, and teammates.

We need your help turning these people into active voters in November 2020. One or one hundred, every vote matters!

Use DemFinder to find those you know among the 62 million Democrats who are either not registered or unlikely to vote. Engage with them about voting and ask them to commit to vote in November 2020. It means so much more coming from you than from a stranger at their door!