A free canvassing platform and app, and
the best nationwide voter data available!

If your organization is interested in running a get-out-the-vote (GOTV) campaign for the Democratic primaries or November 2020 general election, Energize Voters can help. We’ll provide you with the best voter data available at a fraction of its usual cost — and we’ll even load it into a free and easy-to-use canvassing app for your volunteers if you need it.

Our mission is to give community organizations of all sizes and in all locales equal access to high-quality data and the latest technology to support and track their canvassing efforts. We’re all in this together!

Hello, Voters!

If your organization doesn’t already have a canvassing platform (such as NGP VAN), or you don’t have the voter data you need to target the voters who matter most, let BlockPower help you make the most of your volunteers’ time and energy.

We’ll provide the voter data you need through HelloVoter, a free canvassing platform and mobile app. You’ll be able to select turfs and assign them to volunteers, customize the “ask” and script for your campaign, monitor your volunteers’ progress, and download reports of the campaign’s results.

How can we help you?

Please complete the following form so we can understand how we might help your organization with its GOTV needs. We’ll review your proposal and respond as quickly as we can.

Energize Voters is committed to supporting progressive causes, and it reserves the sole right and complete discretion to decline to support any person or organization that it deems unsuitable.

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